(608) 846-PAWS (7297)

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Monday - Friday - 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Saturday - 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (temporarily suspended for the month of May) 

Saturday daycare June - August will be scheduled by appointment only due to staffing.  Please contact our front desk at 608-846-PAWS (7297) to see if we have availability.

Sunday - Closed for daycare to public (boarding dogs only)

Monday - Friday - 6:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Saturday - 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (by appointment only) 
Sunday - Closed for daycare to public (boarding dogs only)

Dogs should be dropped off no later than 9:30 a.m.  First time clients should plan to drop off their pup no later than 8:00 a.m.  

Dogs attending doggy daycare will be evaluated the first day camp is scheduled.  

What is Doggy Daycare at Paradise Paws? 
Regardless of age, size, or breed, different dogs have different needs.  Dogs are an important part of our family, so deciding what is best for them is a choice only you can make! Paradise Paws offers a unique daycare experience where your dog will safely learn and play with fellow pups. 
We offer 5 large, separate play areas indoors, in addition to over 10,000 sq. ft. of outdoor play space.  Every play area, which we call "camps," is supervised by professional, caring staff at all times, and dogs are grouped based on their size, temperament, energy level and play style.

We even have an "itty bitty" camp where your pup can socialize with dogs of similar stature and power. This camp caters specifically to those with "small dog syndrome." That means if your small dog feels every dog larger than them should be extinct, we have the perfect camp designed for them in our living section.  

  • Dogs should be on non-retractable leashes at all times when entering and leaving the building. 
  • Do not allow dogs to interact when on leashes.  Sometimes the nicest dog can be leash reactive. 
  • Paradise Paws maintains staff according to the number of dogs attending each day.  In addition, we are on a wait list.  Any cancellations must be received by 7:00 a.m. and called into the front office.  If there is a no-show, no-call, daycare charges will be applied to your account. 
  • Paradise Paws rarely closes its doors, however there are times due to extreme weather that we must close. We will post on Facebook any closures and also text message all clients who are scheduled to attend. 
  • If your dog is experiencing any illness, please keep them home.  This includes if your dog is vomiting, coughing for any reason, or is experiencing any nasal or eye discharge. When dogs are congregated in the same area, exposure to illness is common even with the best cleaning processes and procedures in place. 
  • Dogs in heat are not allowed to be in daycare. 
  • While we HIGHLY recommend spaying/neutering your pet, we do allow unaltered males. However, they are required to behave in the same manner as our altered males. 
  • We will work with all behaviors that are correctable and do not pose a significant risk to other pups.  All dogs have the ability to have a "bad" day and make poor choices. Please understand that even with the best supervision, accidents can occur.   
  • You are welcome to bring lunch for your dog in a clearly labeled, Tupperware type container.  If your dog is over 1 year old, or you bring lunch in a plastic bag, a $3 charge will be applied to your account. 

Doggy Daycare Daily Rates  

Packages are available to purchase through the office.  There are additional packages available for purchase for multi-dog families that are different sizes. Multi-dog discounts apply to dogs living in the same home and prices are subject to change.  


Full Day (dogs over 25 lbs.) - 1 Dog
1 Day - $27 plus tax 

5 Day Package - $130 ($26/Day) plus tax
10 Day Package - $250 ($25/Day) plus tax
15 Day Package - $360 ($24/Day) plus tax
20 Day Package - $460 ($23/Day) plus tax 

Full Day (dogs over 25 lbs.) - 2 Dogs 
1 Day - $48 plus tax ($27/$21)
5 Day Package - $230 ($26/$20) plus tax
10 Day Package - $440 ($25/$19) plus tax

15 Day Package - $630 ($24/$18) plus tax
20 Day Package - $800 ($23/$17 Day) plus tax

Full Day (dogs 20 lbs and under) - 1 Dog
1 Day - $19 plus tax  

5 Day Package - $92 ($18.50/Day) plus tax
10 Day Package - $180 ($18/Day) plus tax
15 Day Package - $255 ($17/Day) plus tax
20 Day Package - $320 ($16/Day) plus tax

Additional Information
* 1 Day - 2 dogs under 20 lbs - $37
* Each additional dog is $11 regardless of size.
*  Paradise Paws accepts cash, check, or credit card. 
* All credit card purchases are
  subject to an additional 3.2% surcharge. 



Half Day (dogs over 20 lbs.) - 1 Dog
1 Day - $21 plus tax
5 Day - $100 ($20/Day) plus tax 
10 Day - $190 ($19/Day) plus tax
15 Day - $270 ($18/Day) plus tax 
20 Day - $340 ($17/Day) plus tax 
*Contact us for multi-dog discounts

Half Day (dogs 20 lbs. & under)
1 Day - $17 plus tax
5 Days - $80 ($16/Day) plus tax
10 Days - $150 ($15/Day) plus tax
15 Days -  $210 ($14/Day) plus tax
20 Days - $260 ($13/Day) plus tax 
*Contact us for multi-dog discounts 

​ The following conditions apply to purchasing packages. Please note, packages are NON-REFUNDABLE, including for dogs who are dismissed due to inappropriate behavior.  

  • 5-day packages expire after 45 days

  • 10-day packages expire after 90 days

  • 15-day packages expire after 120 days

  • 20-day packages expire after 190 days