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Never bring your dog to daycare or boarding if they are coughing, have colored eye or nose discharge, or has diarrhea 

Flea and tick 

Flea and Tick preventative is required YEAR AROUND!

Fleas can live a long time indoors.  So let's not play host and make sure we are on yearly prevention!


We require: 

* Rabies (by 4 mos. old) 



Pups under 4 mos. are allowed in daycare or boarding until old enough to receive rabies. 

We recommend

* 5 - Way Heartworm Medication 

*Canine Coronavirus Vaccine

*Canine Influenza Vaccine

*Routine fecal exams

Entering and Exiting the Building:  


1. A leashed pup is a safe pup! Always practice safety and keep them leashed on a non-retractable leash when coming or going. 


2. While waiting to enter the building, let's keep our excited baby from barking up a storm! It's perfectly acceptable to wait in your car until it is your turn to come in.   


3. Let's wait for pups to greet each other until they are inside camp! 


4. Our lobby is open! You are always welcome to come inside. We ask that you do not enter or leave however if there are loose dogs in the lobby!! 


5.  Once inside, we are a "nudist camp" so please plan to remove all collars and leashes and take them with you. 


We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. A 3.2% surcharge is applied to credit/debit card payments. 

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