Entering and Exiting the Building

For the safety of all who visit paradise paws, please make sure your dogs are leashed at all times coming into and leaving the building.  When waiting to drop off, please do not allow your dog to interact with other leashed dogs.  We also ask that you have your dog under control at all times and use a non-retractable leash when entering and leaving the building.  While we love that your dog is excited to visit us, we ask that you do not allow your dog to bark while waiting. It is disruptive to our neighborhood and can also impact the behavior of other dogs waiting to enter or those who are leaving.   If you are unable to control your pup, because we truly understand sometimes it's just really hard to contain their excitement, that you wait in your car until we can take you in.  ALSO, our lobby IS OPEN, you are always welcome to come inside! 

Vaccinations and Prevention

Dogs attending daycare or those who are boarding, are required to have the following vaccinations: 
*Rabies - Rabies is required no later than 5 months of age.  If your dog is too young, your dog is allowed to come for boarding and daycare.  
*Distemper/Parvo - Puppies must have a series of at least 3 puppy shots prior to attending daycare or boarding. 
*Bordetella - Please note, much like the flu, there are different strains of illness that cause dogs to "cough." Just because your pup has Bordetella, it does not prevent all strains of virus that cause upper respiratory infections. 

Although not required, we highly encourage vaccinations for Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza. 

ALL DOGS ARE REQUIRED TO BE ON FLEA AND TICK PREVENTATIVE YEAR ROUND.  WE DO ALLOW THE USE OF SERESTO COLLARS.  Just because it is cold outside, it doesn't mean it is inside!!! Fleas have a lifecycle longer than you want to know.  Thankfully we have never seen fleas inside, but if your dog is on preventative, it doesn't matter if we did because your pup will be safe! 

HEARTWORM MEDICATION.  Did you know that heartworm medication also helps prevent worms?  There are certain 5-way heartworm medications that also aid in preventing tape worm, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and most importantly, HEARTWORM.  Heartworm was never much detected in Wisconsin, but it is certainly on the rise. Protect your pup and talk to your vet about yearly administration!

Forms of Payment
Paradise Paws accepts all major credit cards, cash and checks.  PLEASE NOTE, there is an additional 3.2% charge applied for all credit card payments. 

We are a collar free facility. A nudist camp for dogs if you will.  Dogs naturally like to play around the neck and even the strongest cannot get a collar unlatched if they become entangled.  For the safety of everyone involved, please relish in the freedom of collar free.  

We are a community here at Paradise Paws.  Our number one priority over everything else is the welfare of our dogs.  Sometimes that means we cannot always answer the phone or emails as timely as we would like.  We ask that you keep that in mind as we battle staff shortages, while ensuring proper and top of the line care of your furry family member.  We are an open book, speak up, but be patient.  We promise it will be worth it!!!!