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Every pup who enters Paradise Paws is considered family and loved like our own. 


When we first opened, we had state of the art "kennels." Our kennels were made of tempered glass, the room had radiant heat, cots in each kennel, and the lighting was so incredibly soothing with lavender fragrance and soft music floating through the air.   If our dog sleeps 12-16 hours a day at home, any guest will absolutely love it.


Unfortunately, we were wrong. Dogs are used to being with their people, their smells, their beds, and their routines.  It is no surprise dogs have increased anxiety and suffer stress when in a kennel environment.  

Paradise Paws is now one of the very few overnight boarding facilities in Dane County that have staff in the same room with your dog their entire stay.  Your dog is NEVER alone, always supervised with a human close enough so that they can seek out attention, and we provide the comforts of home. 

We are also one of the few facilities that provide a specific lodging experience for itty bitty and geriatric littles (think chihuahua size).  Because little dogs are often easily stressed, they have the ability to sleep in a room with their kind.  This bedroom is just like home, and they also have their own human to cater to their every need.  In addition, they have their own outdoor play yard, so it truly is more of a slumber party than a boarding experience.  

What can you expect when "boarding" your dog at Paradise Paws?


1. Doggy Daycare every day. 

2. A warm body to sleep next to.  They can also sleep on the couch, floor or dog beds we provide. If they are best suited for a crate (one like home, one is provided). 

3.  Staff within 20 feet of your dog their entire stay from start to finish.  Yes, there is someone with your dog morning, noon and night.  Your dog will never feel alone and will always have someone to approach if they need an extra hug or more loving. 

4.  Individual feedings. We feed dogs individually. You are welcome to bring "toppers" to encourage eating.  We also offer Northwest Natural Raw Beef balls for a small additional fee. 

5.  Medication administration if necessary. 

6.  One-on-one communication with the owner of Paradise Paws, who will also provide pictures and updates as requested.  If you want daily or sporadically, it's part of the deal! Just so you know, the owner "lives" at Paradise Paws and you are provided her personal cell phone number.  We just ask that you do not text in the middle of the night! We all need sleep.  

7.  All for one and one for all. If one dog gets a treat, everyone does.  

8. On site grooming.  For an additional fee, we can provide a bath or nail trim before heading home. If the groomer has openings, a full groom may be available as well.

Staying at Paradise Paws Camp & Resort truly is like no other.  We are 100 percent up front and honest.  We offer a family and home-like environment while running our business with a common -sense approach. Our priorities are always the care, love, and safety of your pup.  Working with dogs day in and day out is not a one-size fits all.  They truly do dictate how our day-to-day operations work, and honestly, happy dogs equal happy staff, owners and families.  




Drop off is required:
Monday - Friday:  
6:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. 

Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. 

Sunday:  9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. 

If you cannot drop off prior to 9:30 a.m. CALL OUR FRONT OFFICE TO DISCUSS.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow evening drop off due to our kennel free environment.   However, in certain situations, we may be able to accommodate evening drop off with prior approval.  Because we provide all the luxuries of home, there are few items you need to bring! 


Pick up is allowed anytime during normal business hours.  Please remember we are closed during hours noted below.   Additional charges are applied for dogs picked up after 11:00 a.m.  



Because we offer the luxuries of home, there is very little you have to pack! 

* Food.  Please put food in storage containers or zip lock bags appropriate for their length of stay.  WE DO REQUIRE AN INCREASE OF DAILY FOOD RATIONS WHILE BOARDING.  Dogs are running more than normal, so please make sure you increase the amount of food they typically get by at least half.  For example, if they usually get 1 cup each meal, pack 1.5 cups.  Please refrain by bringing in large bags or large containers of food for short stays.  If needed, we can supply appropriate size storage bags for an additional fee. 

*Medications.  Please bring medication only needed for their stay and not the entire month worth.  Ensure all medication is identified on your pet-exec profile. 

Please DO NOT bring personal bedding, favorite toys, measuring cups, bowls or anything else you would miss if not returned or could become damaged.  


1 dog - $55 plus tax

2 dogs - $90 plus tax

3 dogs - $120 plus tax

4 dogs - $135 plus tax


1 dog - $30 

2 dogs - $50

3 dogs - $75

4 dogs - $85

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